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Extremescape Voucher

The Perfect Gift! Gift-Vouchers

Gift Vouchers, the hottest gift no one knows about! Be the first to surprise someone with this challenging and fun gift. How about locking your family in a Pirate Ship! or An old Gold Mine, Letting a Pirate loose on your mother in law! or leaving her in the Lost Tomb. Well here you can do just that – Vouchers are available for 2-8 players  and expire after 9 months, they are also fully transferable.

If you like your team can add extra members with additional payment on the day.

Buying a voucher is easy. Select the number of players and then complete your purchase via Paypal. You’ll receive a confirmation email and we will send you a voucher in the post.

If you have a special request or booking need, send us a message with your payment and we’ll do our best to help you.

For information information please call 07398 326720 or 07748 838726.