About Us

Welcome to Extremescape, Escape rooms Disley, Stockport’s first escape room. Located at Stanley Hall Farm, in the heart of Disley village, on a 55 acre farm, which was once part of the Lyme Park Estate. The Estate was the home to generations of the Legh family, some served as soldiers, involved in some of the most famous battles in British history, from 1398 to 1946 and is now one of the National Trust’s premier sites.

The Farm is walking distance from the Rams Head Pub, Frankies Wine Bar, Lyme Park & Disley train station, with stunning views over Mellor, Kinder Scout, Hayfield, New Mills, Glossop & Werneth Low.

When we decided to create Extremescape, we looked around for a character property, local to Disley and we found one, on our farm! The 400 year old stone barn. The barn was perfect, we set to work, designing & building our first escape room, the Pirate Ship, which we opened in early December 2015, The Lost Tomb opened Halloween 2016 and Viking opened mid 2019.

Extremescape was designed to bring a new and unique way where you can interact and have fun. Teams of 2-8 players work together to solve problems, crack codes and uncover clues, in order to progress as a team. You and your team have 90 minutes in the Pirate ship & Lost Tomb & 75 minutes in Viking to escape the rooms, so be quick! Search everywhere, Some clues you will solve instantly, other clues take a little bit of thinking to crack. Remember keep an open mind, think outside the box, no idea is a stupid one! Also keep your eye on the time as well, you will be surprised how fast your time can go, fail to do so in the allotted time means your locked in there forever…………Or until the next group arrives and we let you out.

Our Escape Rooms are suitable for groups aged 15 – 99, or familys of any age. You do not need to have any special insight to solve the puzzles and riddles. Just be curious and creative! The rooms are designed to immerse you totally in your chosen scenario. We want you to feel like you are really there, either searching for the lost treasure on The Pirate Ship! looking for a Lost Tomb in an old gold mine or finding Thor’s hammer in Viking, we want to transport you back in time for your ultimate adventure.

We put a tremendous amount of time and effort into designing and building our rooms. There are a lot of puzzles hidden in every room, you and your team must find and solve them in order to begin your escape. These are not brain-crushing puzzles, but aren’t childish riddles either. If you enjoy a challenge and want to experience the newest trend in entertainment, Extremescape is for you, an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will leave you wanting more.

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