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5 of 5 stars


If I could only award more stars! *sigh* I would! We entered The Tomb and did not want to leave. The whole experience is spectacular. The setting and attention to detail is second to none -think Indiana Jones meets Crystal Maze but completely original! This is perfect for the adventurers amongst you; it is brilliantly thought out and challenging. I loved every moment of the experience and I am now slightly saddened that it is over. I am eagerly awaiting the next room! I have entered 60+ games to date and I can say with certainty that this is the best so far. Loved it guys. Thank you!

Visited December 2016

Great Escape Room5 of 5 bubbles

This was a superb 90 minute room. We did escape but it was touch and go at times! Really great challenge, very atmospheric and great attention to detail. Would 100% recommend and we have booked their other room for the end of next month! Can’t wait to try that one!!

Pirate ship shenanigans

We have played both rooms at Extreme Escape. They are both great games and have a lot to offer but I preferred the pirate room by far. The theming of the rooms is great and no expense is spared when it comes to props and design. These rooms are different than most escape rooms in the UK and are similar to the higher budget style rooms in Europe and the US. If you want to play a room with a difference then I would definitley recommend Extreme Escape.

Visited November 2016

Best Rooms in England…. Probably.

Yesterday we did the Lost Tomb room (already done Pirate Ship) and it was my 40th room and i’d say by far the best room i have ever done. I’ve played rooms in America, Germany and lots in England. The attention to detail is second to none, use of effects and interactive props was great. The husband and wife team that run the rooms are VERY passionate and this just makes the whole experience even more special.

Visited December 2016

Must visit.

Escape the tomb:
I have been to a couple of escape rooms and they have been meh, infact sometimes they have been down right unprofessional with missing pieces etc. They have also been just a boring room which can be easily changed to make it a different escape room.
Not this, no sir! Don’t be put off by the out of the way location, price or work in progress exterior. This is a must visit for any puzzle fan or just someone looking for something a bit different. The interior matches the theme which is brilliant, no expense spared. Every person on the team loved it and we needed each person as we all thought a little different and the puzzles required a variety of thinking. We barely made it outside, and we argued like anything about the puzzles! What fun though, the 90 mins were done in a flash. The hosts were lovely and it felt like they really cared about us having fun and what we thought about the experience.
They have a second experience and I will be back soon to give it a go aswell! Thanks for a great time.

Visited December 2016

Superb Service

We booked the lost tomb for our Christmas works do. From the moment of booking right up to leaving the service was 5*. Jess and Graham could not be more friendly and accommodating. 7 of us took part in the escape challenge and each and everyone of us enjoyed it. The 87 minutes it took us to escape flew by, and although we were chuffed to have got out, it left us wanting to do it again!
We would highly recommend extremescape for the experience, service and the personal touches that Jess and Graham offer.
Thanks again!

Visited December 2016

Stunning detail. Fun puzzles

Pirate Ship in Disley has to be one of the most lavishley decorated escape rooms on the scene. The attention to detail is fantastic and all the puzzles are all well within them. This is a longer game that usual at 90 minutes, and the puzzles reflect that. It is a LOT of fun! !
We will be back to try their newest room soon!

Visited July 2016

Brilliant Fun !

Following on from our first visit earlier this year doing the pirate ship, we were excited to get an email saying the new room had opened. Lost Tomb is as good if not better than the pirate ship.
Can’t rate Graham and Jess highly enough, very friendly. safe to say as soon as the other rooms open we will be back.

* Don’t take to long to open them …..

Visited November 2016 – Ian and Danielle

Excellent Family Fun

This was our first experience of an escape room, and it was one of the best 90mins of fun as a family ever. Jessica is an excellent host and very friendly. Once you escape, there is time for pictures which are emailed to you as part of the gig.
We did the Pirate Room and it certainly got the brains going. We cant wait for the new room to be opened, so we can visit again.
There is a reason that this attraction has 62 excellent reviews, go and visit and see why. Highly recommended.
Visited October 2016 – BacardiMan66


Extreme Escape is a fantastic escape game in a beautiful location. Our team have played a number of games and this one is our favourite by a mile. A really immersive experience with such creativity and attention to detail. If there is an award for escape games, this game would be a contender for the absolute best.
Reviewed 3 weeks ago – hannahtakespictures

Fantastic afternoon

8 of us did the pirate ship room and we had a fantastic time. Jess was a great host and very friendly. There is plenty of time before bookings so it was good to chat afterwards. The puzzles are really well thought through and we had a lot of fun trying to solve them. Can’t wait to go back and try the new room.
Visited October 2016 Ian P

Best escape room … EVER!!!

I’ve done a number of escape rooms now and Extreme Escape stands out as far and away the best. The attention to detail, quality of the props and of course the hosts really are second to none. From your arrival you are given the full rundown on how the room works, rules etc in a very relaxed atmosphere, there feels like there is no rush, you are then given a bottle of water before entering. You can tell that the Jess and Graham have really thought about all the puzzles and everything flows really nicely, the are self confessed escape room enthusiasts which I think gives them a good insight into now to properly run one

I’m looking forward to the next room which we’ll be booking as soon as it’s opened.

Visited September 2016 – Paul M

Birthday treat with friends.

First time visiting an escape room and the experience didn’t disappoint. Great fun and can’t wait to go again. We took our own drinks and snacks but alcohol didn’t help our problem solving skills lol.
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 4 weeks ago Paula C

Brilliant afternoon

the experience was excellent… really good fun and well worth it. no rushing and really well looked after. bonus that we could take drinks in with us. first time doing an escape room for all of us and everyone said we will be back to do the new room when its open.
Reviewed 4 weeks ago – wlou

Great Night Out

Six of us went on Saturday night and we had a great time. Much more professional than escape rooms we’ve done before in Manchester. Graham even rang the restaurant where we had a booking whilst we were still locked in the room to let them know we were going to be ten minutes late! Thanks guys, look forward to having a go at your new room once it’s open.
Visited October 2016 – PhilandVic

Best escape room ever!

We have done quite a few escape rooms in a few countries and this easily the best. The attention to detail and quality of the props/set is amazing! Very challenging puzzles but not too hard. Lovely family run business, very friendly.
Love the fact it’s 90 mins instead of 60 mins as they always go so quick. Also means it’s very good value for money.
Shame we can only do the room once! Can’t wait for their next one to open.
Visited September 2016


Great hosts made us feel really welcome and no rushing to get you in and out wasn’t sure what to expect as our first experience but not for our companions who have done a few and are really hooked but we can see why now, great fun for any age, good for team building, hen, stag parties, in fact any party. We were 2 couples family adult age range of 15 years. escaped in 80 minuets, so impressed now want to do more
Visited September 2016 – Thank Coleen T


For anyone who enjoys playing escape rooms you need to check out Extremscape. They are so relaxed and welcoming throughout experience and the pirate ship game it’s self is second to none. We all came away singing it’s praises. Well done Extremescape and we can’t wait for your second room to be ready. Thank you
Visited 9th September 2016 – Nickgranger

Arrh..mazing pirate escape room!

First time in an escape room and it was a fabulous adventure for all our team! The pirate room is amazingly realistic and a real challenge. Just managed to escape with some great photos to remember the night. Thank you and looking forward to visiting the new room.

Visited 8th September 2016 – 24ruth2016

Not rushed great fun and excellent host

This was my second escape room, and our friends first, there were 4 of us and we did it with 101/2 minutes to spare. What I liked best was the relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of time before and after our adventure, Jess spent time to talk with us about our exciting adventure. The puzzles and clues were all there to be had with no red herrings, which I hate. The setting and the props were excellent, we all had a great time, highly recomended. Finally with 90 minutes you get better value for money than the usual 60 minutes.
Visited September 2016 – uknod1

Best escape room yet! 

Brilliant escape room. Done a few in Manchester but this one is so much better. The attention to detail and the props are amazing. Great welcome by jess and Graham, they have put together a great room. Would definitely recommend it.
5 September 2016 – Julie F


An amazing experience! The Pirate Room is captivating and the decor certainly aims to be immersive. Welcoming hosts and a truly challenging and enjoyable game! I will return to play The Tomb-cannot wait!
Visited 17 August 2016 LotusBlossom31


New to escape rooms so we didn’t know what to expect but loved it! Went in timid and came out buzzing! So much fun and really well thought out, great theme, challenging tasks, super friendly and will definitely be back when the new one opens!
Visited 14 August 2016 – KatieLou53

A really great night out for all the family!

We have done a few escape rooms around Manchester and this was definitely one of our favourites. We had a very warm welcome by the hosts and the actual room and set up was exceptional ! The game runs for 90 minutes which again we really enjoyed it allowed us to fully enjoy the game we did escape with 12 seconds to go but we did have lots of clues!!! Great for all the family thank you for a lovely night !
 Visited July 2016 – Deborah M

Absolutely fantastic birthday surprise!

Wow! Just fantastic. I’ve wanted to try an escape room for ages and was surprised by my family on my birthday this year. From the moment we arrived (at the stunning location!), we were greeted with a smile and talked through the experience. The quality of the room, clues, codes, puzzles is really excellent. I have spoken to other people about other escape rooms that really didn’t sound any where near as good quality as this.The puzzles were just the right challenge and we all had a fantastic time.

As an added extra – the room is for 90 minutes not the usual 60 so was fantastic value for money.
We would love to come back when the new room opens later this year
Thanks for a great day!

Visited June 2016 – simoneB2012

Excellent5 of 5 bubbles

This was our first escape rooms, Owners excellent and lovely. Was an amazing experience and very well done and thought out. Very much looking forward to there new one and going again. Cannot fault at all. Fantastic night out with the family

Visited 5 August 2016 – Riamurray

11 out of 10! The most immersive experience!

I played this 90 minute interactive experience yesterday and can only describe it as a true to life pirate adventure. This escape game was one of the best themed rooms I’ve ever done and everything was in keeping with the story and theme. No fake copies or shoddy work here. Jess and Graham were the most welcoming and friendliest hosts which helped provide a great experience before and after the game. You can see these two clearly have thought hard about what you experience in the room. The service they provided was spectacular with the simple touches as offering free bottled water, providing lockers and a good briefing it felt like an American theme park experience. I would highly recommend this experience and can’t wait to come back to see what you have installed for us playing The Tomb. Thank you for also recommending LockIn to us!
Visited July 2016 – Michael

Excellent fun

This was top entertainment. It’s extremely well set up, and my two children, aged 13 and 11, found it great fun. The children were better at the clues than us grown ups, and our host cleverly gave us hints to the level required so that we achieved success (!) and didn’t feel stupid. It’s great for a mixed interest group, and is excellent value for money. Like all the other reviewers, we can’t recommend this enough. Try it for yourself.
Visited July 2016 – Z3932BCjohn


Never done escape rooms before so not sure what to expect.from start to finish it was faultless…the hosts were really welcoming,explaining everything and making you feel really comfortable .the room itself was fab,sooo exciting and cleverly thought out, the 90 minutes flew by!!we all had such a great time and can’t wait to go back when the new room opens in the autumn!!thank you to the hosts, can’t recommend enough!!!x

Visited July 2016 – Lisa S

Outstanding Escape Room

We went as a group of 8 , five adults and 3 kids aged 9,10 and 11. Three of the adults had previously had the misfortune of doing an escape room in central Manchester which was just the pits and more costly compared to this delightful Disley one. Very friendly Staff welcome you to a really well thought out venue. Free parking, clearly marked road signage to get you there. There are free lockers for your things, WC facilities and even a fridge – if you bring your own supplies. There is a cosy pre-room where you listen to the saga of the pirate and his hidden treasure, which builds up the atmosphere really well for the big reveal of the escape room itself. Now for the room – It is very atmospheric, audio, visually and really sturdy with the impression of a 17th century harbour side inn for pirates rather than a ship itself. At least that was my impression – but it could be a movie set it was so well thought out and constructed from roof to floor, wall to wall. The assorted clues and puzzles cover a wide range of skill sets which is the better sort of challenge. Physical games, mental games, general knowledge , observational and so on. All do-able but not all are that easy – we certainly needed a couple of hints along the way. Thoroughly recommended for adults, (and kids too – that enjoy thinking outside the box, counting and hunting down clues.) It does require adult supervision – it is not something that just kids or teens alone could do. Despite some advanced misgivings that our kids might be a bit too young, they were not. They understood the mission, they took part wholeheartedly and all expressed that is an ‘excellent’ place to go on any day out. Everyone was kept busy the entire time, and goodness knows how we managed it – but we did escape. This really is a top notch attraction. What is surprising is how few bookings they had the week we booked. It deserves to be booked out solid. If you have seen the film Goonies – that is what it reminded me of in many ways. If you ever wanted to be a Goonie and step back from the 21st century to the 17th and seek treasure, then this is the place. We were all so impressed, we have challenged the remaining family members to undertake the task in the summer holidays. That will be 6 more pirates heading shortly to Disley. There were several photos taken of us dressed in pirate garb – which they supply, and these were emailed within a day – included in the price. I nice memento of a amazing experience. We will definitely be repeat customers when their new escape room is ready.

Visited June 2016 – L Y

Really a 4.5* review

…not perfect but a 4* review would be an injustice so I’ve rounded up! 🙂

I’ve done many escape rooms and in my opinion, ‘Pirate Ship’ at Extreme Escape is one of the best.

In my experience, most escape rooms are in city centres or warehouse units and onsite parking is not always possible. Extreme Escape is in a farmhouse in a lovely rural spot with plenty of parking space. It’s also 90 minutes as opposed to the typical 60 minutes.

Pirates aren’t really my thing but the couple who own/run the room have clearly put a lot of effort into the design of the room and the decor/props fit the theme well. The room has been carefully planned and there are some interesting contraptions involved in the set which add entertainment value and set the room apart from a lot of other venues.

Two of us completed the room with just a couple of minutes to spare and we were busy and challenged throughout. There were a couple of clues that I think most people would find difficult to complete without a hint from the hosts but in the main, there were plenty of good, logical clues which catered for various skills – some observational, some mathematical and some more abstract, along with the usual keys and combination locks.

Two of my pet hates in escape rooms are dark and gloomy rooms and fiddly/awkward padlocks and unfortunately, Pirate Ship ticked both boxes. Whilst I appreciate that low lighting is used to add to the ambience, it really is annoying when you’re trying to enter codes in padlocks or inspect things and you can’t see. Most of the padlocks were fine but there was one which did not have an arrow/mark to show what you’re supposed to align the code with making you unsure of whether you have entered the wrong code or the correct code, just in the wrong way. :-\

These negatives were only relatively minor though (hence the 4.5* score) and I would highly recommend this room to others. The hosts advised they have a second room underway and we will definitely return to try it out once it’s ready. Hopefully the second room will be nice and bright! 🙂

Visited July 2016 – daisyandwillow


We visited this amazing facility as part of my daughters hen week end and had a fantastic time. We were a mixed age bunch and it was the perfect activity for us. We were given a very warm welcome by the owners and nothing was too much trouble for them. The escape room itself was second to none, with challenging activities and clues. I can honestly say I have not giggled so much in ages nor did I realise what a competitive streak I had. Our ages ranged from 20 to 68 and everyone had a brilliant time. I cannot wait for the second room to be completed so we can return. Well done Jess and Graham, you deserve this success.
Visited July 2016 – Gaynor6

AMAZING!5 of 5 stars

4 of us managed to escape with only a few minutes to spare! An amazing experience, so much thought has gone into making this room! We all said afterwards it was one of the best experiences we have ever had. The owners are really welcoming and so friendly! Can’t wait for the new room to open!

Reviewed 6 days ago – Z_1000000000

Brilliant, challenging activity!

I discovered this brilliant place by accident and am so glad I did! The reviews were so good and it sounded so exciting – something none of us had ever even heard of before. 6 adults (3 couples) went last Saturday evening and had just the best time.

First of all the setting is just breathtaking – it feels like the middle of no-where, and the views are fab.
But once you’re taken inside you forget all that and have to get your brain in gear!!
Jess welcomed us and explained fully what was involved.
Basically you go into the room and have 90 minutes to get out – we did it in 87!!! Once we were in there it all went very serious and we all tried really hard – and having never done anything like this before it really was a challenge!
Its fab for teamwork and just the best thing – we’ve been recommending it to everyone since!
Jess took photos and emailed them to us so we have them for our memoirs – she even recommended a dish at the restaurant we’d booked for afterwards!
Honestly – read these reviews – not one less than excellent – it really is not to be missed – we will be back for the next room.

Visited March 2016 – Thank The12Powell

Wow! Brilliant!

Wow wow wow! What can I say? I wish we could do it all over again. (But obviously we know the answers now!) We loved every minute of it and the owners were so welcoming. I have been trying to recommend this to everyone possible! Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed!

Visited May 2016 – Rachel H

Fantastic activity5 of 5 stars

A group of 8 of us went for a friends birthday, we couldn’t fault it. Some of our group had done other escape rooms and they said none were a patch on this one. There was great theming, a good selection of challenges, some mathematical, some straight forward and some cryptic. We had a great time and finished in just over 1 hour. They are building a new Indian Jones themed room and we will be back to do it. Well worth it and I can’t fault them on any point. Have a go and you won’t be disapointed. 

Visited May 2016 –  Jonnnoo

First time for Dad and Daughter

It was a wet Sunday and my daughter wanted to do something different with her Dad. We found Extremescape on Google and decided to give a try – we weren’t disappointed!! The host was extremely friendly and helpful and only added to the fun had. The location was also great being based on a farm (although we followed the SatNav and got slightly lost due to roadworks). We also managed to escape with 57 seconds to spare!!
A great day out for anyone who wants something slightly different.

Visited May 2016 – Pete C


We visited here yesterday and wow it was fantastic. The owners are so welcoming and friendly. The location is wonderful and the design of the whole place is fantastic, seriously cannot recommend this place highly enough.
Visited May 2016 – Emma h

Overall a great experience with an excellent themed escape room

We love room escape games and Extreme Escape was up there with one of the best. The theming on their pirate room was brilliant. If felt like a lot of work and effort had gone into the room plan, unlike many other rooms which have felt a little low rent. There was a good variety of clues and the experience was timed to last 90 minutes so felt like good value for money. While we really enjoyed the room, there were quite a few maths based puzzles but the owners kept the game going with clues at just the right timings. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves as we managed to escape! The couple running the experience were very friendly and made the experience more memorable than others with a photo at the end to take away. Looking forward to more rooms from them as we would definitely re-visit!

Visited May 2016 – McRoar


Me and my partner have just completed the pirate room and we can’t stop talking about it! We love escape rooms and have completed quite a few but this one stands out by miles. The theming and general atmosphere was amazing – you can tell a lot of hard work and passion has gone in to making this a fantastic experience. Can’t wait to try the next room when it opens.
Visited May 2016 – Danielle H 

Super night out

Had a fab time, great for a group of friends or evan family to solve the puzzle and make your way out, great atmosphere and really helpful pleasant managers for the evening
Visited April 2016 – Phil1286

8 Pirates

This was a really good night out. We didn’t know that in the evenings you’re allowed to bring alcohol. So the owners went to the off licence to get the beer while we started the Escape Room.
We’re all new to this so have nothing to compare it with. And we’re probably not the best at “team work” – we’re just 8 friends!
To me it was so so so well done. They’ve obviously put a lot of work (and thought of course) into it. It was a Birthday Party so it wasn’t at all serious. There was a lot of winding each other up etc… not concentrating… But we only missed the deadline by 1m 29s… and that was with the drink & nipping out to the toilet ;o)
We’re definitely up for the second room when it becomes available.And hats off (tricorns of course) and the best of luck for the future to you guys.
Visited March 2016 – Alan W58

Best Escape Room yet!

Have done several escape rooms across the North West and this has been the best by miles. We attempted the pirate escape room and the level of theming was something that wouldn’t look out of place at a theme park it was that good! Without giving away too much the puzzles were far more varied interactive and challenging than some of the more well known escape rooms and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to try one.
The staff were incredibly friendly and even booked us a table at a local restaurant after we asked for some recommendations after the room.
Highly recommend and will be going back as soon as they open their next room!  

Visited April 2016 Gary P


Booked for a family birthday with ages ranging from 58-10yrs old. None of us had done anything like this before so unsure of how it would go but excellent hosts, location and game made it a thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone. Highly recommend!

Visited April 2016 Nathan M

Fab experience

I attended with 5 friends, all of us were escape room first timers and had no idea what to expect. The couple who run this were super friendly and made us feel welcome. We all had a great time and looking forward to the second room opening! You can BYOB (think evening only) so makes a great change from sitting in the pub! Would highly recommend this to anyone who is after something different to do in the area.
Visited April 2016  Ght737

Birthday present for Alexandra5 of 5 stars

We have done a number of room, this was by far the best and well thought out room we have played. Very atmospheric with costumes if you want to dress up. Clues are hard but doable and with plenty of hints to help. Well worth the money for 90 mins of entertain for the whole family and friends. Would recommend this room to anyone.

Visited March 2016  John C

Incredible experience!!

We felt very welcomed and they were so kind with us! The game is absolutely amazing! We had fun and we guess they did as well by listening to our Spanish and French translations! We highly recommend it! Thanks for everything!

Visited March 2016 Eli W

Fantastic fun

I attended with a group of 6 friends. Not knowing what to expect. It exceeded all our expectations. Would recommend it as a totally different night out. Loved it and can’t wait for them to open there second room.

Visited March 2016 Paula T

Amazing experience!

Owners were really lovely. The room was amazing such a good design and well thought out! Would definitely recommend!

Visited March 2016 D

Brilliant fun5 of 5 stars

This was our first experience of escape rooms. We went as a family with teenagers and grown ups all joining in the fun and helping each other to solve the puzzles. The clues were very clever and made you think outside the box. The hosts were very friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys problem solving and is up for trying something different to do.

Visited March 2016 Fiona L


I booked this for a group of friends and we were all escape room virgins so we had no idea what to expect from our visit. Booking was easy and confirmation and communication before the visit were great. Prior to our visit our friends said we would be hopeless and they would end up having to rescue us, so there was a complete lack of confidence in our ability to escape! The location is easy to find and although it may be a little off the beaten track, please don’t let it deter you from visiting it is well worth going out of your way for.

We were greeted by the owners who were really friendly and hospitable, they gave us an overview of what to expect, answered any questions we had and made us feel really welcome.

Once ready we proceeded to setting the scene and then into the room. The room itself is a good size and there was plenty of room for a group of 7, the added bonus was that you could leave the room for comfort breaks if needed. It is brilliantly decorated and you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into preparing this escape room. Clues can be found everywhere and even when you think you have found everything double check because you never know what you might find if you look properly!!

We escaped and in a pretty decent time too and we can’t wait for their next room to be ready later this year so that we can visit again and see how we get on with that one.

Visited March 2016 Victoria B

First ever Extremescape experience5 of 5 stars

Our first ever visit to Extremescape and we really didn’t know what to expect, we had a fantastic time and completed in 78 minutes 47 seconds. Well worth a visit you will not be disappointed. Can’t wait for the new room to be completed later this year we will definitely be going back.

Visited March 2016 HayleyC81

Fun Night Out

Highly recommend for a ‘different’ fun night out. Me & my 4 friends had a good laugh & loved working out a all the clues. We just about escaped with 2 minutes to go!! The owners were very welcoming & we will be back when the Lost Tomb room opens.

Visited March 2016 Louise Millner

One of the best escape games5 of 5 stars

This is by far one of the best escape games I’ve played, if not the best, and I’ve played loads! Incredible theming, challenging but fun puzzles and some really unique, exciting moments. The attention to detail is amazing. Can’t wait for the second room to open!

Visited February 2016 Jamie S

This is the Escape Room you have been looking for!5 of 5 stars

We were met by the lovely Jess and Graham who are the owners and run Extremescape on Stanley Hall Farm. This was our first time in an escape room so were unsure what to expect, but they were really reassuring and obviously enjoy what they do. You get 90mins to complete the room and they are not sticklers for time so if you needed a little extra time then they would give it you. The room we went into was a pirate room and if like me you want to know what it looks like but can’t find photos on the internet, then this is because they want it to be a surprise and that it is. You won’t be disappointed with the design and set up of the room. It can hold up to groups of 8 without feeling cramped. There are lots of great puzzles with some nice surprises making it feel interesting and keeping you on your toes. The owners are watching you through cameras in another room and will help you if you ‘pay’ for it!! They want you to enjoy the room and complete it, not make you leave feeling annoyed.

This would be brilliant for stags, hens, families, friends, corporate, or like us just looking for something different to do on a wet Friday afternoon.

They are building another room, an Egyptian themed Tomb!! This should be open later this year. We plan on giving that one a go in the near future. This room will have two levels of spookiness, which you can choose!! How exciting.

So, if like us you are unsure of this place, perhaps due to location or just lack of photos, don’t be. You will have the best 90mins in this room unlocking clues to take you along the puzzle of the game.

Now, go book, you won’t regret it.

Visited February 2016 Tomruth78

One of the better escape rooms

The venue does feel like it is in the middle of nowhere but it is well worth it. converted barn into a pirate ship and you get 1.5 hours when most are 1 hour. The couple were so friendly and helpful, we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We had 8 people and there was plenty of space. I would definitely recommend this place and we will be back for the new room!

Visited February 2016 Sameena123

Fantastic night. 

We visited Extreme Escape on 12th Feb. this was our first escape room and what a great experience! The owners were fantastic and made us feel really welcome. The game itself is great fun. I would certainly recommend this place.. A must go!

Visited February 2016 Sophiedod

Brilliant escape room with fantastic owners

I’ve played close to fifty escape rooms now and I consider this game (the Pirate Ship) one of the very best. I think the only better game I’ve played is Time Run – a London game that costs twice as much for only 60 minutes (as opposed to 90 minutes here). It’s easily the best of the 15 or so I’ve played in the North West.

The couple who have built and own it “get” escape rooms: the room is beautifully constructed with a good number of puzzles that make full use of the Pirate theme. I don’t want to give anything about the game away, but you should expect several “Wow” moments and to leave feeling like you’ve been part of an experience as much as completed a game. I can’t quite get over how an amazing game like this quietly appeared in a small town that I’d barely heard of!

On top of all that, the owners are delightful people – welcoming from the moment you arrive and a joy to chat to afterwards (especially as an enthusiast!).

To sum up – this game is fantastically good value, it’s amazing fun and you will go away thoroughly glad you signed up. Stop looking at TripAdvisor, and go and book in!

Visited February 2016 Ken F

Extreme fun at Extremescape

We successfully escaped from the Pirate Ship Escape Room as part of a Corporate Team building event – excellent fun with some great puzzles. Jess and Graham are fantastic hosts and make the whole experience very enjoyable. The Quick Chemistry Crew
Visited February 2016 Thank QuickChemistryCrew


This is the first time any of us had visited one of these rooms did not no what to expect.
We were made very welcome it was explained very well.The room looked good when you entered and was very entertaining and good fun not easy to complete but we did complete all the tasks and with in the time.
Well worth a visit

Visited February 2016 Peter S

Brilliant fun!!

We visited while on holiday in the area and having never been to an escape room we had no idea what to expect. We had a great time and the hosts were fabulous, so friendly and accommodating and the room was incredible with great props and sounds. I can’t recommend this enough. Great for couples or larger groups. I have the bug now and we are off to try some more this week. Thank you for such a fabulous introduction…..just hope the other rooms can meet the extremely high standard you have set!!

Visited February 2016 Thank Tigerfrog

Pirate Ship

We visited this room just before Christmas. My friends and I have done quite a few escape rooms around Manchester and I must say this is one of the best. The proprietors were lovely and the room was well themed. The clues were extremely well thought out and you are certainly pushed all the way through the game with so much to do. We thoroughly enjoyed it can’t wait to go back for the next room.

Visited December 2015 Thank Sara B

Very good escape room with some unique twists and gadgets

We’ve previously done quite a few escape rooms and would highly recommend this one. Proprietors are extremely friendly and welcoming!

Visited January 2016 Stephen H

Fabulous day out

Never done an escape room before . We all had a fabulous time, hosts seconded to none and room amazing. Thank you for a brilliant day. Age rage 50 down to 11 and all involved. Can’t wait for next room!

Visited January 2016 Gillian S

Escape room in Stockport